Our solution

Get market analysis at a glance at the tip of your finger

We all start from diverse data sources, but Spatialzr creates a unique and complete dataset dedicated to REIM

28Countries covered in Europe
10,530,000Square kilometers covered
1 tool for acquisition + AM + appraisal
1,529Metropolitan and regional areas analysed
7,000,000CRE buildings across european countries
100+Geospatial metrics

Immediate access to the commercial real estate landscape

Don't loose your time on data collection, we do this for you:

Main market information accross europe

Get the key information you need on a market (e.g. stock, listed/unlisted buildings, portfolio, prices, vacancy rates...)

Historical data

Get up to 5 years historical market data (for the major KPIs)

Export to your traditionnal tools

Copy/paste to your slide deck, prepare your investment committee, enrich your excel workbook

Metropolitan ranking
Asset type
Market data

What's inside our engine?

We identify, collect and manage pan-european data sources

Custom Spatial data

All data relating to demographics, metropolitan and the built environment, that includes, transit infrastructure (public transport, train, roads, airports, harbors...), zoning (activity, city centers, malls...), and polarities (commercial, industrial, retail...). We mainly use large open geospatial datasets processed for real estate insights.

CRE Market data

This data relates to commercial real estate market activity. We start from traditional market reports and use statistical modeling to predict missing data and leverage market insights. It includes prices, Cap Rates, prime yields, vacancy rates, take-up, etc...

Building data

We have qualified relevant building data which includes new developments, main transactions, owned portfolio, retail franchises, and major users. Each data point (POI) is qualified with building information like surface, age, size, certification, and price estimations.

Make your own market study in a few clicks
Set your comparable analysis
Share your insights and focus on your value

Spot markets, find locations, build your strategy

Don't loose your time on data collection we do this for you:

Ok... we start from open data.

We know that data is everywhere, and this is the pain. At Spatialzr, we handle the complexity of data lakes to create practical insights.

You don't have time for market analysis

You have access in real-time to specific market conditions

But you can't let in risk into your investment decisions

Get the right information, specific to an asset type

Global markets and metropolitan analysis
Local conditions and deep market analysis
Financial data

Site selection algorithms

Let's meet LISA our spatial AI

Suitability scoring

We have launched the LISA score (Location Intelligence Spatial Analytics) that allows you to discriminate locations according to the real estate use. It is a rarity score.

Best use analysis

The LISA score can be broken down into location data layers providing key analytics on the composition of the score and allowing to compare location between each other, allowing you to select the most relevant site(s).

Sobriety & environmental scores

The sustainability index provides insights into the impact of the location from a user's perspective. It considers the sobriety of the urban fabric. It allows to reduce distances that people need to reach a building.

Thematic layers
Analytic layers
Market data

Our partners

Technical partners

We use their services to produce Spatialzr

Data partners

We leverage their data to create our unique decision making model

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