Unlimited real time CRE market data

Dashboards and mapping interfaces📍 for investment, corporate and commercial real estate.

28 countries, 1,529 cities and markets, 4+ types (offices, retail, warehouses and light industrial)


Your trusted data source for your real estate decisions

Market monitoring, dashboards and ready-to-use data sets.


The latest market data

We produce and maintain a continuous market watch, updating our data on a monthly basis.

🌍 Real-time market data
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Market intelligence

LISA ai 🤖 and LISA Score are here to produce market studies for investment, corporate and commercial real estate.

📍 Live map
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Match with investors and users

Type your property description and use our profiling system to identify the most compatible profiles of investors, franchises, users and developers.

🤝 Find your assets, tenants or investors


Click and export on-market offers, property files and aggregated market data.

📊 Aggregate and properties files

How much time do you spend on market/asset analysis?

Spatialzr is your CRE analysis toolkit to reduce data acquisition/analysis time

40xFaster per asset analysis
70%Time saved per asset analysis
15Hours saved per analyst/week

Take a look at our solution

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Spatialzr @ STATION F
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