Use cases

Spatialzr is made by practitioners for practitioners, our engine is designed to fit into your internal processes.


For valuers

An affordable unique data source

Historical data

Access to 10 years historical market reports in our gateway.

Maps for insghitful reports

Select your location and get ready to use maps to add into your report.

Get comparables

With 1 click, access to the up-to-date listing on the market, building stock and franchises.

Access to a pre build mapping interface
Rent, Sales, Prime and stock comparables
Generate your own comparable with our toolkit
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For analysts (AM, IM, FM)

Personalized real estate analytics and GIS

Ready-to-use kpi everywhere

We have the same scoring system everywhere that allows you to compare two different location at the same time

Understand markets in real time

We have trained a machine learning model on 200M references to predict building characteristics.

Assess your portfolio

We have created a simple tagging system that lets you filter the database in a few clicks (i.e. type, brand, family, location...).

Real time portfolio analysis
New developments and competitors
Ready-to-use data

For brokers

Be the first on the market

Get referenced in our gateway and property listing (for free)

We screen the market every month and allows you for free to add your listing into our system.

Screen markets and adjust your list terms

Get synthetic Opinion of Value (OV) with our market factsheets and adjust your client terms.

Generate your documents (memo, bov...)

Create your marketing document with pre generated templates, you just have to click and select your asset.

Flash market analysis
Value analysis (BOV)
Marketing document (memo, teaser...)

It's time to move to Spatialzr!

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